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Have you tried what seems like every diet there is, but haven’t lost the weight and kept it off? My name is Shari, and I’m a healthy weight coach for Foodies. On this podcast, you can expect lots of tips, strategies and inspiration to help you fix what’s causing you to gain weight, like kicking the emotional eating habit and learning how to eat the way naturally slim people do. Let this be your last stop on the weight loss train! Hop on! 

Jun 26, 2018

What unconscious beliefs do you have that are keeping you from losing weight?

What would you think if I told you that your unconscious beliefs might be a big reason why you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off?

Some pretty smart people have said some pretty smart things about your beliefs and thinking.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Mohandas Gandhi said, “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

Yet every day, I hear people say things they believe about themselves that are terrible! So counterproductive. Beliefs that aren’t true. Beliefs that are totally illogical. Beliefs that maybe they’ve had for years and haven’t questioned. And guess what? It’s these beliefs that are holding them back and keeping them from having the kind of body and life they want.

I hear people believing things like, “I can’t lose weight because everyone in my family is fat” or “I can’t control myself around chocolate.” If they believe they can’t control themselves around chocolate, they won’t.

You see, we like to be right about our beliefs, even if those beliefs aren’t serving us and are making our lives worse. Even if those beliefs are lies. So every time you feel out of control around chocolate, you’re proving that belief to yourself.

Listen to learn how to question and change your beliefs so you can clear your path to release that extra weight for good!