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Have you tried what seems like every diet there is, but haven’t lost the weight and kept it off? My name is Shari, and I’m a healthy weight coach for Foodies. On this podcast, you can expect lots of tips, strategies and inspiration to help you fix what’s causing you to gain weight, like kicking the emotional eating habit and learning how to eat the way naturally slim people do. Let this be your last stop on the weight loss train! Hop on! 

Mar 29, 2022

Are you curious about whether those ads claiming you can miraculously lose weight effortlessly by boosting your metabolism are true? 

You’ve probably seen some of the ads that say things like this: 

  • Lose 30 pounds in 30 days (or fewer days). 
  • Boost your metabolism and lose weight while eating all the food you want!
  • To lose weight permanently, all you have to do is take this pill. 
  • This amazing coffee diet will boost your metabolism & melt the fat off you effortlessly!

Is this really true? Can you really lose 30 pounds in 30 days? 

Spoiler alert: Any promise of miraculous weight loss is not true. 

There is no magic way to lose weight. 

You cannot eat all the food you want whenever you want it and still lose weight. 

Any products promising unbelievably fast weight loss are a scam, and are very likely dangerous. 

Even if you did lose weight, you’d almost certainly gain it back after you stopped using the product. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • whether there are “fat burners” that cause your body to burn fat faster
  • why it’s hard to increase your metabolism
  • whether there is anything you can do to speed it up 
  • why dieting permanently slows down your metabolism

If you want to try a system that will not only work, but it will help you make peace with food and eating, which I personally think is even more instrumental in your future happiness  than losing weight, check out the free resources on my website, and keep listening to the Weight Loss for Foodies podcast.