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Have you tried what seems like every diet there is, but haven’t lost the weight and kept it off? My name is Shari, and I’m a healthy weight coach for Foodies. On this podcast, you can expect lots of tips, strategies and inspiration to help you fix what’s causing you to gain weight, like kicking the emotional eating habit and learning how to eat the way naturally slim people do. Let this be your last stop on the weight loss train! Hop on! 

Aug 3, 2021

Do you find yourself drawn to articles and ads about the latest superfood or that special miracle coffee that will help you burn pounds of fat effortlessly? 

Do you worry that you’re missing out if you haven’t tried the latest product that claims it will help you feel better, sleep better, have more energy and flatten your tummy? 

Do you think you need to buy an expensive cleanse to rid your body of toxins? 

The biggest toxin from which to cleanse yourself  is the so-called “wellness industry” that preys upon smart women like you who are concerned about their health and weight. 

It seems like you can’t dine with a group of women without at least half of them either trying some new fad diet or eliminating one or more foods from their diet because they read on a website that it’s bad for them for some unknown or unproven reason. 

Or maybe it’s under the guise of “clean eating.”

Men don’t usually fall for this stuff. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “That’s because men don’t have the same pressures as women to be thin.” 

I didn’t say anything about weight loss, though, did I?

And neither does the “wellness industry” that’s trying to sell you their ideas about what you should and shouldn’t eat. What they’re really doing is selling you diet mindset and products under  the guise of “wellness.”

You see, the so-called wellness industry doesn’t really care about your wellness. It’s the diet industry in disguise. As Jessica Knoll said in a 2019 article in the New York Times about smashing the wellness industry, “the diet industry is a virus, and viruses are smart. It has survived all these decades by adapting, but it’s as dangerous as ever.” 

Listen to learn why you shouldn’t fall prey to the claims  of the so-called wellness industry and celebrities who use their fame for financial gain by promoting these products.