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Have you tried what seems like every diet there is, but haven’t lost the weight and kept it off? My name is Shari, and I’m a healthy weight coach for Foodies. On this podcast, you can expect lots of tips, strategies and inspiration to help you fix what’s causing you to gain weight, like kicking the emotional eating habit and learning how to eat the way naturally slim people do. Let this be your last stop on the weight loss train! Hop on! 

Mar 8, 2018

When I was 50 pounds heavier, I believed that I didn’t eat that much. I didn’t think I ate more than the slim people I knew and I thought it was unfair that they were slim and I wasn’t.

Do you ever think that way?

One of the things I will do in this podcast is give you the facts. No BS. Just straight talk. Even when it is stuff you might not like to hear or believe. So you may think the next thing I have to tell you is bad news. It really isn’t.

The simple answer to the topic I’m discussing today is because they are overeating. If you are overweight, it is because you are eating more food than your body needs for fuel. But it isn’t that simple.

Learn about the two ways that people overeat.

Learn why people overeat.

And learn what you can do to instead.