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Have you tried what seems like every diet there is, but haven’t lost the weight and kept it off? My name is Shari, and I’m a healthy weight coach for Foodies. On this podcast, you can expect lots of tips, strategies and inspiration to help you fix what’s causing you to gain weight, like kicking the emotional eating habit and learning how to eat the way naturally slim people do. Let this be your last stop on the weight loss train! Hop on! 

Aug 31, 2021

You’re not imagining it.  Stress makes people want to eat. 

If you’re an emotional eater, when you’re stressed out, you’re more likely to feel the urge to eat. That’s because when your body feels stress, it produces certain stress hormones which cause you to crave comfort foods. 

Sometimes, stress might...

Aug 24, 2021

You know the feeling. You feel a strong urge to eat, but you aren’t hungry. It’s undermining your weight loss efforts, but you find it so hard to not give in whenever it arises! 

Maybe you just ate lunch an hour ago and you’re working on a tough project. Or maybe the kids and the pets are driving you nuts and you...

Aug 17, 2021

Do you obsess about what you should and shouldn’t eat? 

Are you always looking for the next miracle diet that promises results but doesn’t deliver? Do you feel guilty enjoying the foods you love? 

It pains me to hear so many women talk about being afraid to allow themselves to enjoy food, hearing them obsess about...

Aug 10, 2021

Are you waiting until you lose weight to put on a swimsuit? 

Go to your high school reunion? 

Attend parties or weddings? 

Go hiking? 

Or do anything else you really want to do?

Why are you holding back? 

You’re missing out on the fun!

You only get this one precious life, so what’s the point of not living fully just...

Aug 3, 2021

Do you find yourself drawn to articles and ads about the latest superfood or that special miracle coffee that will help you burn pounds of fat effortlessly? 

Do you worry that you’re missing out if you haven’t tried the latest product that claims it will help you feel better, sleep better, have more energy and...